Frequently asked questions


What is a man weave?

A "man weave" is a hairpiece or partial hair extension unit, made of natural hair worn to cover partial baldness or partially exposed scalp.

What is the difference between a man weave and a toupee?

A man weave serves the same function as a toupee, which is to conceal areas of baldness or exposed scalp. However, the application process and structural design of the man weave are cutomized in a manner that produces flawless, realistic results.

How much does a man weave cost?

Since the application of the man weave is a customized process, the price ranges from client to client. Standard units are $550 and up while customized units are $750 and up. Please contact us for a consulation to estimate how much this process will cost you based on your needs.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair means that all the hair scales are naturally oriented with the roots pointing upwards and the tips pointing downwards. This will help retain its shine and last much longer than conventional products on the market because the hair, untouched by aggressive treatment, will retain their natural protection.

Which technique is best suited for my hair type?

First you must decide if you want the semi-permanent unit (which remains in your head for a few months) or our temporary unit (which lasts a few weeks). Both methods suit most types of hair.

How long does my hair need to be?

To allow for a flawless installation, it is highly recommended that your hair is at least half an inch to an inch to blend seamlessly with your hair unit.

Can I color my hair unit?

All hair units can be colored but this process should definitely not be abused. We do not recommend bleaching the unit, but you can darken the unit if needed to. It is highly recommended that a professional colorist manage this process for you as it can result in your unit getting damaged or appearing dehydrated.

Do hair units damage my hair/scalp?

We believe that every technique used by a professional, for both the application and removal of the hair extensions, along with the proper maintenance done by the client, will not result in damage to your hair or scalp.

Payments & Shipping

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept we accept cash, all major credit cards, Venmo, Paypal and Cash App.

Returns & Exchanges

Do you have an exchange or refund policy?

We do not issue refunds. In the event that you are unhappy with your unit, we give you 1 week after the service was done to fix the issue with the existing unit.

Care Information

How long will my hair unit last?

Without a doubt the most difficult question to answer. The life expectancy of your hair unit solely depends on how well you maintain and take care of them. A rough estimate is approximately 3 to 4 months.

Can I remove my unit myself?

After applying your hair unit, there comes a time when you want to or need to remove them. And like proper installation crucial, removing extensions is very important as well. We do not recommend removing the unit yourself. Instead, you should come in every 2 to 3 weeks for unit touch ups. By improper removal, you risk damage to the extensions, your natural hair strands, as well as shedding, breakage, and other problems. The reason why you would eventually need to remove the unit is because your natural strands may grow and move the extensions upwards. Hair growth is also what dictates when exactly to remove them. Some strands grow really slow so the extensions can stay in for longer in that case. But in any case, they need to come off in order to be refitted. A great thing is that you don’t need to buy a new hair unit each time you reinstall, the old one will most likely still be good.

How do I sleep with my hair unit?

You'll need to buy a bandana and wrap your hair not too tightly though.

Can I participate in sports and leisure activities with my hair unit?

You can still participate in any sport other than watersports. The unit is durable to sweat and light rain or moisture, but it is not recommended to fully drench your hair in water.

What are unit touch ups?

A unit touch up is maintence for your unit. We remove your unit wash it, then wash your scalp and we put the unit back on this includes the cut as well.

How do I shower with a hair unit?

You will have to wear a shower cap when you shower. It is not recommended to fully wet these units.

Will my unit move in the wind?

Your unit will be very sturdy after it is installed. No need to worry about it blowing away.

How do I style my hair unit?

When you get your unit done its already styled. You can mist some water into the unit to reactivate the product.